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3D Models


Maya | High-Poly Object

To expand my object modeling skills in Maya, I pursued this extensive project and learned to use the different textures in mia material X.

Elsa Cupcake

Maya | High-Poly Objects
Just for fun, I created a cupcake game piece for Disney's Enchanted Cupcake Party. The model has four separate pieces that fit together. I worked with a number of materials within Maya.

MSU Residence Hall

3Ds Studio Max | High-Poly Objects

What started out as a summer internship expanded into a 15-month assignment. I modeled more than 100 rooms that were on the MSU LIVE ON website. Part of the process was to research and select the 3D modeling software for the project.

Video Game:

Star Hunter

Maya and Muddbox | Low-Poly Objects

My role on this project team was creating bosses and texturing all of the models. The Golem and Skeleton ghost are models I created.

Trailer of Game:

Video Game:

Unreleased Heart
Shaped Game

Maya and Unity| Low-Poly Objects

This is my first client project. My role was to create dice characters for this game, which dictated the design. The overall game was designed using Crossy Road as a benchmark.


Maya and After Effects

Using two model meshes, I rigged and animated two characters. I grabbed sounds from a show and used it as a reference for this animation project.

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